Snow White TAWAS Bright Whitening Deodorant Powder 50g
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Snow White TAWAS Bright Whitening Deodorant Powder 50g

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Tawas Powder used as underarm deodorant for most of Asian Women and Men. Known to be effective anti perspirant. It is also USED to take away body odor just like regular deodorant.


How to use Tawas Powder?

How the Tawas powder works is when you apply it to the perspiring area, the powder mixes in with your sweat during the day, and that helps the bacteria that causes body odor to stop developing.


1. Tawas Powder is an Effective Deodorant

To use Tawas powder for deodorant, it is best to use it right after a shower. While your skin is still a bit damp, put the Tawas powder under your armpits just like a deodorant. You can mix a bit of water into the Tawas powder you put into your hands if you do not like tiny grains of powder under your arms. Tawas powder also has a known whitening effect on the skin so if you are trying to lighten your underarm areas; this is an excellent item to use.


2. Tawas Powder as Aftershave for Men and Women

There are many other uses for the Tawas powder as well. Some people will use the Tawas powder as a kind of aftershave. Be careful with using this Tawas powder as an aftershave as your freshly opened bare skin can get irritated and start to sting when the powder is applied. Since the Tawas powder is made from real mineral salts, it has natural astringent abilities. If you cut yourself shaving, use the Tawas powder to help prevent any infections from starting.


3. Foot Odor Prevention with Tawas Powder

Another known use for Tawas powder is using the powder at night right before you go to bed to prevent foot odor from starting. Just like your underarms, feet can begin to sweat and get a smelly odor from them. Putting the Tawas powder on the hot areas of your feet will help relieve the symptoms of the sweat in the morning and throughout the day. It must be used regularly to get the best results.

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